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Project Firstline

CDC training that contains the latest science and information on Infectious Disease Prevention for frontline and healthcare workers. Short video sessions make the training quick and easy
– from basic to advanced levels.
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Our Training


containing the most up-to-date

information from the CDC!


to fit into your busy schedule,

each video is about 5 minutes. 

EASY To Understand:

perfect for you whether you have

completed many trainings,

or this is your first.

and best of all:


Project Firstline Team

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Project Firstline
in the Future 

Today &

​Our focus is on training as many frontline workers in South Dakota as possible in infection control and providing access to the latest science and the resources they need. We will make training relevant and applicable for every setting and skill level, ranging from simple to complex. Methods and channels for effective education will be customized based on the needs within the jurisdiction.

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