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Project Manager

Project Firstline Lead

Jessica Danko’s experience working on the frontlines through a worldwide pandemic provided her with a vast ability to relate and deliver needed perspectives to move into the future of healthcare. With a wealth of knowledge in respiratory care and healthcare management, her systemic approach to quality healthcare initiatives and delivery were valuable in her work with COVID-19 preparedness, patient care, employee engagement, treatment delivery, and infection prevention.  

Her passion for motivating individuals to better their overall health through exercise and educational programs led Jessica to become a leader for evidence-based self-management programs, including Better Choices, Better Health Chronic Disease Self-Management and Pain Management workshops and the fall prevention options of Fit and Strong and Walk with Ease. 


A 2014 graduate of Dakota State University’s Respiratory Care Program, Jessica expanded her knowledge in multiple dimensions of Allied Health by obtaining a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in 2016.  She went on to earn a Master of Science in Administration with focused specialties in Healthcare and Long-Term Care Administration in 2021. 

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