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Sanitizing Products

This scavenger hunt was developed to promote awareness of Project Firstline, the new materials, and posters.

By participating in the scavenger hunt, participants will gain knowledge of basic infection control.

It is recommended that the scavenger hunt be available within the facility for a period of at least one week.

  1. Hang the posters throughout the facility. Some recommended locations include in the breakroom, cafeteria, elevator, locker room and hallway.

  2. Distribute the quiz to employees/staff. The answers to the quiz will be located on the posters that are throughout the facility. (2 questions per poster)

  3. Instruct staff to return the quiz to supervisor once completed.

  4. Supervisor will then report to SD Project Firstline:

    1. How many took quiz?

    2. Who participated? (RN, EVS, Dietary, etc.)

    3. All staff quiz answers to questions 19-21

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