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Champion Outreach 

Introductory Video

Media Outreach 

South Dakota used some innovative approaches to promote awareness of Project Firstline and was honored to be recognized by the CDC nationally for our communications strategies!  

Communicating our message was important because COVID-19 won’t be the last threat. As new infectious diseases emerge, we need to be ready.  We need to arm our frontline workers with education and training.  Keeping our frontline safe keeps ALL of us safe.


Within a 3- month period, from April 1 to June 30 of 2021, we made 1.3 MILLION impressions and reached an estimated 500,000 South Dakotans through magazines, TV, digital media and newspapers, from our largest markets to our smallest rural ones. We had over 300 stories published, which has enabled us to reach healthcare workers across the state to create awareness of Project Firstline. We also enlisted "champions" to help us tell the story on social media. From neighbor to neighbor, and TV to magazines, we canvassed the state to tell as many frontline workers as possible that Project Firstline saves lives!

Thinking "outside the box" gave us NATIONAL RECOGNITION! We used many innovative approaches to reach frontline healthcare workers- even creating a video to generate excitement about Project Firstline. Our marketing strategies produced such amazing results that South Dakota was recognized nationally by the CDC, and we were asked to share our strategies with all state health departments. Since infection doesn't stop at state borders, it's important that we all work together- throughout the US- to fight infectious disease threats. COVID- 19 won't be the last threat. Next time we'll be ready. 

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