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Scavenger Hunt

SD Project Firstline is excited to share this infection prevention Scavenger Hunt activity for your facility. 


It’s easy to participate:

  • Navigate to the resources page on and click on the scavenger hunt button (you have already done this and now you are here!)

  • Download the quiz worksheets (there are two sets to complete) listed below and hand them out to your staff (answer sheet is for administrator of hunt and used to check answers later on)

  • After downloading the quiz worksheets for staff to complete

  • Use the posters on the link above to find the answers on the quiz worksheets

  • Check quiz answers with the answer key when participants turn them in 

  • Then pick one of the participants who completed the worksheet correctly, to receive a prize. For more information and questions contact Jess Danko (





  • Email Jess ( for a mailed packet which includes- posters on infection prevention to hang throughout your facility or unit for the week and the quiz worksheets for staff to complete along with the quiz answers

  • Once you receive the packet in the mail, hang the posters around the facility 

  • Make sure that participants have a copy of the quiz worksheets and that you have the quiz answers (you can also find a copy of these by going here and clicking on scavenger hunt)

  • When participants are done filling out the worksheets, they turn them back into you to compare with the answer key

  • Then pick one of the members, that completed the worksheet correctly, to receive a prize. 



Thank you for participating in our infection prevention scavenger hunt!

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